Spiritual Warfare

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This is an introductory book on warfare strategies. This book, like all other books by the author, is strictly based on biblical foundations of truth, with many supporting scriptures and illustrations. Prayer is powerful, only when it is the right one and at the right time. Many Christians pray, but don't get good results because their strategies are wrong.

For instance, there are certain periods and time to attack and defeat certain wicked powers and problems. There are selected hours to do certain spiritual battles for good and quick results. This book exposes these strategies in very simple and easy to grasp format. It dives deep into spiritual events that occur at specific times; that if one is aware of, could be used to win quick victories. It talks about spiritual markets, when they hold, what they do and how to dislodge and defeat their purposes in your life. And much more.

This book has been reprinted several times due to popular demand. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants victory against the enemy.

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