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This book dwells on the very sad and oppressive spiritual phenomena that causes an individual to face life threatening rejection on all fronts. Scapegoat is about spiritual rejection of the worse type. The book gives deep insight into the origins and causes of this debilitating oppression. You may be surprised to discover that you are a scapegoat as you read through this little book! Be prepared to read some of the worst damning revelations that touch deep down and impact many lives.

Secondly, if you find this book hard to rush through in spite of its small size, it is because your deepest wounds that have incubated over the years are being addressed so that you can heal. In fact, the author was weeping while writing the book. If you see yourself struggling through this book and it seems like it is telling your untold deep secrets, then the purpose of this book is well served.

Most scapegoats suffer in silence, unaware that deep seated agony is like sulphuric acid placed on bare skin. The damage is both life long and eternal, unless it is quickly addressed. That is the essence of this book. Scapegoats hardly make it in life and this book seeks to reverse that ugly trend. After going through this book, every victim would come out delivered, free and able to turn a fresh corner that ushers in streaks of successes in life. This is a much sought after publication. Get it and be blessed.

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