Abandoned but not Forsaken

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This is an emotion-laden book that touches nerves, not negatively, but in many positive ways that lead to deliverance and prosperity. It is basically a book anchored in defence of children and godly child upbringing practices. Some of those who will read this book were victims of childhood abandonment and could unknowingly be dishing out similar evil on their very own offspring. Many adults behave like children and are incapable of adult life with all its pressures, rights and responsibilities due to childhood experiences. 

Along with scapegoat book, this book touches on another form of rejection that creates adult babies who are guaranteed failures in life. They hardly succeed in anything including marriage due to their abandonment. Many victims have lost their destinies and ability to shine in life as a result. This book seeks to provide divine solutions that would uplift and bring much needed empowerment to every victim. You may have been abandoned sometime in life, but God never forsook you and will never. That is the message! Due to popular demand this book has been re-written, enlarged and reprinted to help many. Enjoy it!

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