How To Fight & Win Spiritual Battles

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This book focuses on spiritual principles enshrined in the bible for doing battle against our mortal enemy, Satan and his cohorts. Spiritual principles cannot be changed by prayer. They govern the outcome of all spiritual battles, and all successful Christian warriors observe them without fail. If you fight without full understanding of how things function in the spiritual and physical realms, your enemies could runaway with unsolicited victories. Most unanswered prayers and failed prayer altars, stem from abuse of spiritual principles.
If you want to fight for your deliverance and freedom, the first step is to learn how to defeat the enemies behind your oppression. That is the essence of this book. It is an eye opener to many spiritual and physical realities that most people ignore and fail. This book was written to ensure that each time you engage in spiritual warfare, your victory is guaranteed. In fact, your enemies will find you frustratingly difficult to handle.

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