Captive Of The Mighty

R 320.00

This is a prayer book to unlock your future and restore your liberty to excel in life. Many people are in a satanic prison unknowingly. The aim of a satanic jail is to stop you and waste your future! One sister who has been waiting on the Lord for years for a spouse, took the over 500 prayers in this book and got married within a few months. She was a captive. The enemy captured and imprisoned her and her marriage.

There are many in similar situations. The enemy can capture any area of your life: marriage, health, star, finance, destiny, childbearing, studies, career, business, ministry and so on. As long as you are not where you ought to be in life, you are probably a captive of an evil force. A person in jail has no future until his incarceration is lifted. Satanic captivity is real. This book confronts, dislodges and frees every victim to move on successfully in life according to God's will and purpose. Lots of testimonies have emerged from this book to the glory of the Lord.

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