DS: Freedom from Coven Membership & Oppression

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A coven is a meeting place of witches and deadly dark powers. They gather to pool their evil resources together for wicked purposes. Each coven has various sources of power which could be as diverse as witchcraft, occultism, evil Altars, witchdoctors, serpents and other evil spiritual beings.

This book is a deep exposé on these coalitions of dark and violent forces that will stop at nothing to achieve their evil purposes. 

Some of the information in this book were obtained from ex-coven members who repented and were willing to expose Satan and his cruel ways. Some others were forced out of the enemy itself during hot deliverance prayers.

This book is designed to arm you to stop the enemy before they add you to their evil victory belt. So, open your mind, learn, share and fight to rubbish the enemy through Christ’s indomitable power, made available to all true believers.

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